Twin Flame Reading (Full Moon in Pisces: Lunar Eclipse)

A Reading for Twin Flames from the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon (September 16, 2016) using the Dreams of Gaia Tarot, the Messenger Oracle, and the Journey of Love Oracle.

1. What area of the Twin Flame dynamic is being most affected during this period?

XXI. Perception. Perceptions about the dynamic and perceptions between the twin flames themselves are being altered. Old ways of thinking about the union are falling away and new thoughts and patterns being accepted.

2. What is being eclipsed in the Twin Flame dynamic?

3 of Water. False hopes and expectations are being brought to the forefront, then covered by shadow for the purposes of transformation. With the new dynamic perceptions, the old ways of thinking will have to be replaced.

3. What may be hiding from both Twin Flames in the shadows?

12 of Water. The Counsellor. A need to be empathetic, to allow emotions to come forward even when it is not logical for them to come forward. Mixed emotions cause conflicts in communication, and the wisdom of receiving emotions with perfect understanding and acknowledgement is not present.

4. What is keeping both Twin Flames from embracing the light?

XXIII. Integrity. Hypocrisy, double standards, and contradictory behavior are rising up as each Twin Flame attempts to hold onto those things, thoughts, and behaviors which are most important to him or her. Criticism rises up, often of the Other, preventing that divine awareness of Union from stepping into consciousness.

5. How can the Twin Flames accept the shadows and move past them?

XIX. Emotions. Embrace laughter and focus on the positive aspects of becoming in this particular moment. Do not focus so much on the darkness around you, but on the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel. Joy and a heartfelt happiness will shift you out of yourself, and your criticisms of Self and Other.

6. What and who should the Twin Flames leave behind at the end of the eclipse?

XV. Abundance. Leave behind your ingratitude. Be grateful for your connection, and for this experience, and for anything which is shifting or being released or gathered inside you. Appreciate all that comes toward you from the Other, even if you do not understand it and cannot completely acknowledge it.

7. What in the Twin Flame dynamic is expanding and growing?

XVIII. Thought. The Seven Universal Laws are at work in the Twin Flame dynamic as they have always been, but now a conscious awareness of them rises. Let them work in accordance with your minds and hearts. The Universe is changing because of your processes. Be aware! Know that it is true!

8. What message does the Moon have for the Twin Flames after the eclipse.

V. The Father. Now is the time for decisive action. Step up, take charge, and lead the way. Do not stop now, but continue to move forward in accordance with your dynamic.

9. What Energies emerge as a result of the eclipse?

10 of Water. Letting go of the emotions of the past to embrace a new emotional energy growing in the present moment. Flowing with ease into a new emotional state as a result of emotional projection; serenity and grace is a breath away.

Advice for the Feminine/Twin 1.

Respect Your Boundaries. Honour Gaia. Be open to the energies of the Earth that surround you. Embrace with love what serves your goal and purpose, release with love all that does not.

Advice for the Masculine/Twin 2.

Let Go of the Past. Know Your Fears. Now is the time to release fears that no longer serve your highest good or the purpose of Union. Examine yourself and your past and see what needs to be changed and transformed.

Advice for the Unified Twin Flames.

Coming Together. Very soon now, a new relationship or a new aspect of an existing relationship will blossom. Allow this to come forward without urgency or expectation. Do not attempt to shape it into something you desire, but allow it to be what it is, and accept it with love and gratitude.

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