A Spell for Good Luck

Before you begin, have ready a large bowl or pot, a blank sheet of paper, a pen, and three white candles.

Place the candles in a triangle and cleanse your sacred space by burning the candle at the top of the triangle for fifteen minutes. Take this time to focus on the flame and calm your mind. Take as long as necessary.

Light the candle on the bottom left of the triangle. This represents the past and will wash away learned fears, worries, and guilts.

Light the candle on the bottom right of the triangle. This represents your future as you would like it to be and draws all good things to you.

When you are ready, make a list of everything you would like to attract to you. Wealth, Friendship, Success, Good Luck, Talent.... whatever you desire. When you have finished, speak each one out loud. Fold the paper in half twice. Hold one corner and carefully light the three remaining corners with the flames of the candles, one candle per corner. When the flames come close to your fingers drop the paper into the bowl or pot to finish burning. Scoop out the ashes and release them to running water or blowing wind so they are carried out into the universe.

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