New Moon in Gemini

Can you always believe your eyes and ears? Can you trust what your heart and mind perceive?

What measuring stick do you use when assessing if something is real? Valuable? Honourable? Fair?

What helps you feel good, contented, tranquil and gratified? How do you handle it when something disrupts that enjoyment?

This New Moon in Gemini puts your perceptions, assumptions, projections and values to the test. You may be challenged to defend what is important to you or even change your mind about some things.

The New Moon in the sign of the Twins is about gathering, expressing and delighting in information. Our natural curiosity becomes focused and developed in Gemini, as our minds play with words, perceptions, ideas and thoughts that progress from each one to the next. The best way to satisfy Gemini's hunger for information is to feed it lots of food for thought.

Having a New Moon cycle that pushes off in Gemini means the next 4 weeks have an underlying theme of encountering fresh ideas, recycling old ones and finding various ways to express and convey them to others and to ourselves.

To ourselves? Absolutely! As we think about things, the Gemini part of us is constantly rehashing and filtering thoughts, making connections and exploring different ways to view our experiences. We try on new ideas to see if they fit our worldview and if they don't, we need to decide if we should adjust our view or reject the idea as invalid or unworkable.

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