Crystal Dreaming With Merlin

Have you ever wondered if your dreams mean anything? Do spirits and spirit guides communicate through dreams? And if so, how can we clarify and better access this information? These questions and more are answered in Crystal Dreamwork.

Dreamwork is the conscious study of dreams and the active use of the dream process to manifest love, healing, and prosperity. It is, ultimately, a synchronization of the conscious and subconscious minds to work together on specific projects, work through mental and emotional barriers, and in advanced dreamwork, the programming of dreams to perform certain functions. Dreamwork can aid in astral projection, controlling lucid dreams more effectively, accelerate physical and emotional healing, and offers immense benefit to various aspects of personal lives. Perhaps the most important function of dreams is its primary one: the reorganization of information. Have you ever learned something new and felt an immediate need to sleep or grown suddenly tired? This is a sign that you’ve learned something new that the subconscious wants a chance to analyze or integrate with the rest of your personal knowledge (conscious and subconscious).

We can work with various tools to enhance our dreamwork. Since brain activity is mostly an electrical process, and dreamwork is no exception to the rule, dreamwork is accelerated and empowered through the use of elements than enhance electrical flow. Quartz crystal is one such element. Crystal Dreaming will show you how to use the crystal keys of the ancients, to what Merlin calls the Doors of Destiny.

Most Dreamwork information has been channeled from Merlin.

Obsidian, the Nightmare Warder

Severs subconscious ties between stress/negative thought and dream manifestation process. Obsidian prevents nightmares or translates negative thoughts into less frightening experiences during dream manifestation. An obsidian arrowhead is even more effective.

Smoky Quartz, the Dream Warrior

Helps translate negative energy to positive energy in dream manifestation. A smoky quartz will allow conscious transformation to take place as a result of dreamwork.

Amethyst, the Spirit Stone

Helps bring in spiritual energy to dream manifestation and aids in communication during dreams with Higher Spirit Guides and Angels. Amethyst naturally raises personal vibrations during dreams,

Blue Quartz, the Communicator

Clarifies communications and telepathic awareness in dreams. If you are receiving messages in dreams but cannot hear them clearly, a blue quartz may help.

Green Quartz, the Therapist

Translates positive energy and messages into emotional healing during dreams and aids in understanding of self love, self nurturing and self acceptance. A beautiful stone for dealing with all issues of the heart.

Citrine, the Healer

Brings in golden rays to aid physical healing during dreams and allows a better understanding of purpose and divine perspective. Physical difficulties become less harsh when the citrine nurtures the dream self.

Rose Quartz, the Dancer

Clarifies love, nurture, and acceptance toward others, the rose quartz makes strong emotional concerns clearer and may trigger a stronger loving awareness towards self and others. Works well with green quartz.

Clear Quartz, the Manifestor

Solidifies and clarifies any dream manifestation. The clear quartz can enable intentional choices in dreams, lucid dreaming, and makes dreamwork more effective for physical manifestation.

Double Terminated Quartz Crystal, the Dreamkey

Can be “keyed” or programmed to function as a dream recorder, so that a dream can be remembered more easily or dreamed again in the future until its issues are resolved. Redreaming can build an awareness of what specifically is blocking emotional and spiritual transformation.

Onyx, the Power Absorber

Can prevent dreamwork or other energized stones from working. The onyx might be useful for those who just need a deep night’s sleep without any dream manifestation. Onyx absorbs and grounds energies from any programmed and energized crystals. Keep separate from crystals you are using.

To Use: Find a purple, dark blue, or black cloth bag for your dreamstones. Each night, put whatever stones you wish to work with in the bag and place beneath your pillow (behind the head) or at the throat chakra. It helps to record your dreams when doing dreamwork. Clear the stones occasionally with smudging, moonbath, and onyx-pairing.

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