The Strawberry in the Sun

The Full Moon of June falls on this date.

Both the Sun and Moon at their peak align to bring us illumination of the patterns that need to be rewoven within our own psyche, within our relationships and within the greater collective Reality. The arrow of Truth is swift and on point bearing the way.

On this day, take time to be still and connect your heart to the beating, pulsing heart of the cosmos. Like our ancestors before us, we are reminded that we are part of it, an intrinsic part of the cosmic weave.

Whether we are welcoming Summer in the Northern hemisphere or Winter in the Southern, we are One planet, one breathing, living collective of Being.

Let’s unite our prayers for an more expansive, inclusive energy on our planet so we can coexist and mend the way for a brighter future for our children and our children’s children, and all living things on our planet Earth.

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