Blue Moon Wishing Ritual

Go to a location where you will not be disturbed. Face the Blue Moon (or its direction if it is too cloudy to see the moon itself). Hold the pennies in your hands. State clearly,

Goddess of the Blue Moon, when you bless us with your presence. prayers are answered. Chains are unbound. You promise that all one's wishes shall come true. Visualize in your mind what it is you have wished for. Take some time and see your life as it will be after your wish has been granted. Say your wish aloud. Then throw a penny toward the full moon. You should then say,

Please take this token of my love as your silver light shines from above. Please bring to me what I ask of you by darkest night and morning dew. Repeat for each wish you are making. Do not forget to give Thanks to and for the Moon. Leave knowing that your wish should be granted.

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